Digital Deity

Digital Deity provides the refreshing aesthetics of our digital age through presenting the artworks by four East Asian women artists: Pey-Chwen Lin (Taiwan)Mariko Mori (Japan), Cao Fei (China), Kim Sooja (Korea). Colorful, energetic, dazzling oval shaped images evoking the essence of rebirth, their unique visual technologies and gender consciousness break through the physical space. These female artists’ digital video, photography or visual works served as self-portrait, the mirrored image of her own persona. Through female approach, Digital Deity articulates the themes of mother-nature, everyday life, female subjectivity, spirituality and cyborg fiction further softened the masculine rhetoric in modern day technology. 

Read full of the Curatorial Statement: Empowering Femininity

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Pey-Chwen Lin (Taiwan)


Mariko Mori (Japan)


Cao Fei (China)


Kim Sooja (Korea)


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